With more than 40 years combined experience, and a seasoned staff well-versed in all aspects of production, Visceral can handle all of the financial, staffing and business concerns of your show, freeing your team to focus on the creative content.

We pride ourselves in setting up each show for success, and adapting to the ever-changing realities that theatrical producing brings.


Visceral has extensive experience in budgeting, managing and reporting of all financial aspects of productions both large and small. Whether your show is a limited run festival performance or a commercial musical with a multi-million dollar capitalization, Visceral can create the budget that serves as the road map for every expenditure from start to finish. 


We can budget and prepare a recoupment schedule for your play.

We will advise on necessary ticket pricing, and prepare a realistic recoupment schedule based on your show’s gross potential. 

We advise on the overall size and scope of the production and capitalization, and guide the producer through all capital spend decisions.

We report on the ongoing cash flow for the producers as well as advise them on issues of staffing, timeline and production resource requirements which may affect the budget. 


Visceral will handle paying all bills and administer overall spending and financial disbursements.  

We work on behalf of the producer to oversee all production departments, and ensure that they stay on course with the approved budget and production schedule. 

We will report budget performance forecasting, cash flow balance/projections, and create and report daily and/or weekly wrap and sales reports.


Visceral will oversee all of your production’s payroll needs, from setting up your payroll account with a respected entertainment payroll processer, to auditing the weekly payroll reports, fee payments, and payroll tax payment.

Visceral will oversee the production’s company manager as they submit the weekly payroll. In some instance, Visceral will provide company management support in-house as part of the General Manager fees. 


Visceral will set up and manage production bank accounts as needed, and set up the necessary bookkeeping software and financial reports.

Visceral provides in-house bookkeeping as part of our basic General Management services, and we pride ourselves on providing accurate budget vs. actual reports and forecasts, cash flow reports and projections, and detailed profit & loss and balance sheet reports – all vital tools in accessing the vitality of a project.

At the year’s end, Visceral will provide your Tax Accountant/CPA with all the reports and documentation they need to correctly file the production’s taxes.

Royalties & Net Profits

We will execute all royalty statements, and handle the distribution of royalty payments to all relevant parties.

When a production is selling below its breakeven, we will work with the produce to request deferrals and/or waivers from all royalty participants in an effort to secure the longer term financial health of the production.

Once a production reaches recoupment, we will prepare net profit statements, and handle the distribution and payments to all relevant net profit participants.

Staffing & Management

At Visceral, we are committed to being inclusive in our hiring, with the goal of insuring diversity across the board.

Every production has its own set of hiring needs, and Visceral can assist and advise on finding and booking everyone from the stage management team, to crew, department heads, board ops and programmers, designers, departmental assistants, production staff and more.  

We will hire and directly supervise the production’s Company Manager and Asst. Company Manager and provide them with office space.

Visceral maintains positive working relationships with numerous theatrical freelancers, and is always happy to bring in these extended members of the Visceral family in order to help make your production a success. 


Visceral will recommend a capable production manager or production management firm, and work in conjunction with them to supervise the creation of a comprehensive technical plan and staffing plan for load-in & load-out.

Visceral will supervise the production stage manager and implement management procedures for pre-production, rehearsals, tech, performances, and wrap-up.


We can prepare recommendation lists for staffing press personnel, marketing and advertising agencies, and social media teams.

We can work hand-in-hand with the production’s press agent/office in order to facilitate all publicity events.


‍Visceral will create and oversee the production calendar and timeline, and provide ongoing consultation and project management for the developmental, pre-production and production processes – overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company.  And if travel is necessary, we’ll arrange that too.

‍We will create and manage guest lists and invitations for all presentations, reading, backers auditions and workshops.

We manage your production through the entire process, from collaborating with the production manager and technical director on the load-in and technical rehearsals, to supervising the closing procedures, load-out, storage and rental returns.


Visceral will assist the producer with negotiating all contracts necessary for a theatrical production.

To the extent not handled by the Producer’s legal counsel, we will handle the preparation and execution of all contracts:  from theater and production personnel, to crew, designers, actors, musicians and company management.  

If necessary, Visceral can also advise the producer on selecting a production’s legal counsel.


Visceral will submit application and acquire all necessary insurance policies, such as commercial liability, theatrical property, workers’ compensation, errors & omissions, and more.

Visceral will oversee the processing of any workman’s compensation primary audits and oversee the filing and processing of any insurance claims.


Visceral will serve as the producer’s point of contact with all entertainment unions and guilds necessary, for both on and off-stage talent – overseeing and executing all union agreements.

Visceral will ensure that the producer abides by the relevant union rules for their productions at all times, to avoid any unnecessary penalties or fees.

Venues & Vendors

Visceral will help your production find the best possible venue for your production, including rehearsal spaces, audition spaces, production spaces – and venues for touring as well.

We will handle the booking, contracts and licensing agreements with the venues, as well serve as the producers' point of contact with them.

We will coordinate with all technical vendors (lighting, sound, projection, musical instrument rentals, scenic/costume shops, etc.).


We do everything we can to optimize your ticketing options and sales.  We will build your production’s ticketing with the venue’s ticketing service, and oversee the company manager in creating discount codes and arranging industry comps.

Visceral will monitor sales at the box office, and supply ongoing reports on sales patterns and projections.

For venues without established ticketing services, Visceral will advise on the selection of an appropriate ticketing service, and oversee the implementation of the service for the production.

General Management

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